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LS Review Compendium, 6th edition Mar 2021

5 new PLS licenses from our 2014 seminar. This Compendium is a collection of all material studied to pass the California land surveying exam in PDF format 450+ pages.

Compendium cover pages(pdf)

    This Compendium has been successful in other Public Land States
Ls Review Compendium in Printable PDF Format
Price: $105.00
LS/LSIT Study package My Compendium in PDF, all calculator programs, automated exams, all audio, study material and links
Price: $155.00
2014 Seminar handout problems 150+ pages in pdf format.
Price: $105.00
Seminar handout, My Ls Compendium in pdf & LS/LSIT Study material in pdf with all calculator programs.
Price: $205.00
Surveying Definitions 2 CD download, 1 Hour and 45 minutes total running time
Price: $42.00
Boundary Principles CD downdload 53 Minutes
Price: $35.00
One Hour Consulting Fee
Price: $95.00
1/2 Hour Consulting Fee
Price: $50.00
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The Best NCEES test book ever  Land Survey Review Manual 3rd Edition" – Buckner

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