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HP 33s Surveying Tools - Software for the Surveyor
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Hp 35s Stakeout Software
Puts the Comfort Level Back in the Classroom and Test Site with Hp 35 Surveying Solutions

ScreenShot of SoftwareThe actual programming time takes about 5 hours with about 7k of memory.The Programs come with a Manual and Technical Support. If you would like to your hp 35s programmed please contact us for information. Please Contact Me with Alternate Email Address If Program Not Received Within 24 Hours. Included with Software:
  • Email Support
  • contact us
  • Technical Support (619)663-2715,(619)663-0762, Monday 9am-5pm, Tuesday-Friday 5pm-7pm

Download Demo Video (mpg)

  • Prompting Programs Are:
    • Triangle solutions All 5
    • Horizontal curve solutions
    • Azimuth Azimuth Intersection
    • Distance Distance Intersection
    • Azimuth Distance Intersection
    • Two point Resection
    • Traverse
    • Inverse
    • Vertical Curves with High or Low point
    • Straight Grade with Rate Program
    • Area By Coordinates
    • Occupy any point
    • Offset staking in Tangent
    • Offset staking in Curve
    • New overlay
    • BLM Programs
    • New BLM Equation program
  • Equation Programs Are:
    • 6 Variable horizontal curve solution
    • Time Value of money
    • Access code emailed within Minutes
  • Purchase programs
    Hp 35s programs
    Price: $38.00

    Hp 35s programmed s&h included with DVD and overlay
  • Double Proportion only "Does not include all BLM programs"
  • Email for special orders
  • Price: $329.00
    Hp 35s with BLM programs
  • Includes All
  • BLM Programs
  • Price: $399.00

    If you would like to send an hp 35s to be programmed contact us
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