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LS/LSIT Generated tests. This generated test series has an automated grading system that gives you percentage correct along with the answers. When used in conjunction with Dr. Ben Buckner 3rd edition Ls Review Manual this has been a positive combination with my LS and LSIT candidates. The Dr. Buckner book is a must for all LS, LSIT, NCEES Candidates. The tests are compiled from a 600+ question database and 20 tests consisting of 85 questions were generated . Access code will be emailed within 24 hours of payment. 100% of my candidates that used my personal LS/LSIT links passed the NCEES exams.
20 Automated LS/LSIT Exams & "New LS Exams", Successful Personal Links
Price: $85.00
My Manual in PDF, all calculator programs, automated exams, all audio, study material and links
Price: $155.00

Run LS Demo (htm)

Run LS/LSIT Demo (htm)

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The Best NCEES test book ever  Land Survey Review Manual 3rd Edition" – Buckner

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